Our Services

Our therapists pride themselves on their strength-based approaches to working with clients, which has at its center a sensibility and acuity for guiding people on their journey to find meaningful solutions.

Child & Youth Counselling (5-18 years)

Our child and youth therapists are extremely skilled in finding creative ways to engage children and youth in exploring their thoughts and feelings. 

Individual Counselling

Therapy is a process of discovery and personal growth, and is unique to every person. One of the most important features of good therapy is a strong, trusting relationship with a therapist

Couples Therapy

It really hurts when your most important relationship feels distant or full of conflict. Couples therapy is effective at restoring emotional connection and trust, fostering intimacy and opening up communication.

Family Therapy

Family therapy has demonstrated that it improves outcomes for families by addressing issues that affect mental health and the patterns of interaction. It can help family members build stronger relations with each other, improve communication, and defuse conflict.

How to become a client

To book your initial consultation, please fill out our contact form or you can email us directly at info@turningpt.ca. If you are providing a phone number, please advise us if it is acceptable to call you, and what time would be appropriate for you.

What to expect from your first session

It’s likely that you are feeling a little anxious about taking the first step to working with a therapist. This is quite normal, as you probably feel quite vulnerable about seeking support, and talking about your struggles or mental health concerns, with someone you don’t know yet.