Our Team

Our therapists, as a group, have extensive experience in all aspects of clinical social work and psychotherapy, including work with children and youth, adults, and older-aged adults. Our goal is to connect you with a therapist that is a good fit for what you need. 

Geoff Ayton, MSW, RSW  (Co-Founder of Turning Point Counselling)

Geoff completed a Master’s degree in Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University, and is registered through the Ontario College of Social Workers. He has completed certification programs in Narrative Therapy, and through the Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and is currently working on his certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy

It has been his privilege to have supported a multitude of people over the past 20 years—children and adolescents, couples and families, as they work through issues that interfere with their ability to function adequately and achieve their goals.

In family therapy, Geoff believes that all members have a role in the construction of problems in the family unit, and supports them in understanding and responding to these relationship issues. In working with couples Geoff often deals with issues of divorce, extra-marital relationships and conflict. An important part of his work with couples is offering them ways to turn towards each other, to revitalize intimacy, and rediscover effective communication techniques.

Within his practice, Geoff strives to create a space where people are recognized for their inherent worth and uniqueness. He practices from a non-judgemental approach where all are respected and valued. Geoff believes that he has a tremendous responsibility to attend, to listen, and to seek to understand.

The southern Georgian Bay area has been Geoff’s home for over 30 years. When not working, he loves to cycle, play tennis and participate actively as a member of local groups and organizations.

Catherine Cilia, MSW, RSW (Co-Founder of Turning Point Counselling)

Catherine has completed a Masters of Social Work and has a  Certificate in Death, Dying, and Bereavement. She has extensive training in various therapeutic frameworks such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy for post-traumatic stress, Grief and Loss, and Mindfulness-based practices.

Catherine has considerable experience meeting individuals with anxiety-related issues, trauma and grief; including individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one, self-esteem, and relational conflict.

Catherine’s work in the counselling role is fueled by a passion for collaborative relationships with people, working together through the problems they are experiencing, and creating goals that will support them in reaching their full potential. She believes strongly in the dignity and worth of all people, and this approach creates space for people to be able to openly talk, and reflect in a safe and trusting place, free of judgment.

Catherine is a mother of two teenagers, and a puppy named Nala. She is a cancer survivor and passionate about empowering individuals in their efforts to cope with adversity. She loves reading, socializing with friends, and hiking.

Heather Morris, MSW, RSW

Heather has a Masters of Social Work and is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and has been practicing psychotherapy in several capacities for 30 years. As a counsellor for individuals, couples and families she works collaboratively to assist people in seeking change, self- awareness and support in their lives. Heather has been trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities including Solution Focused, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

Heather’s professional focus includes working with adults, families and seniors experiencing anxiety, depression, or behavioural changes as a result of the challenges of aging, family transitions and the prospect of end of life issues. She offers advocacy, consultation and support for families negotiating systems of care for elderly family members. Accreditation has been achieved in Narrative Therapy, Restorative Justice Practices, Treating Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Parents For Youth.

Interests include psychology, health, travel, cooking, and staying vibrant and resilient while holding onto a sense of humour.

Michael Bartlett, MSW, RSW

Mike is a registered Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work degree from York University. He has experience in his private practice, and in community work with children, youth and families. Mike works from a foundation of Narrative Therapy, which approaches the challenges people face by first understanding how a person stories themselves, and how that story came to be. He also integrates concrete tools and strategies from CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and Strengths Based Therapies.

Most frequently, Mike works with children 6-12, who struggle with big feelings like anger, anxiety and overwhelming sadness that get in the way of everyday living. He also has experience working with children who live with ADHD, as well as children on the Autism Spectrum. In addition to his work with children, Mike also frequently works with adult men who are coping with emotional dysregulation, anxiety, anger, relationship difficulties and histories of trauma.

Sometimes the stories we tell about ourselves leave us feeling angry, depressed, hopeless, incapable, unworthy or unlovable. Maybe somewhere along the line we become ‘an angry person,’ or see ourselves as ‘out of control.’ Maybe your child lives with an ‘Anxiety Gremlin’ that feeds off their greatest worries and fears. Learning how and when these stories started, and how they influence our individual struggles, can be a big step in learning how to move forward.

Mike views therapy as the process of collaboratively exploring the stories and experiences that have shaped you. You are the expert of your story, and you carry the knowledge of your experiences and their influence. It is Mike’s hope that together, through compassion and curiosity, you can re-author problem stories in a meaningful and healing way.

When not practicing therapy, he is likely spending time with his wife, toddler, and two big dogs. He can often be found at play, training as an amateur Strongman, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or crafting wood furniture.

Erin Johnson, MSW, RSW

Erin is a Registered Social Worker who specializes in trauma, emotional dysregulation, shame, depression, and anxiety. She draws upon a variety of modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Self-Compassion, and EMDR.

 She has a Master of Social Work from King’s College at Western University and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Work. Most of her career has been spent working in hospital and private practice settings.

Erin recognizes that many of the ‘problems’ that have people seeking therapy started as a way of coping with overwhelming circumstances. Trauma, challenging emotions, and difficult life circumstances can create a present that feels intolerable. When this happens, we try to manage our suffering the best we can.

 Unfortunately, the things we try often don’t work or end up causing problems of their own. Frequently used strategies include self-criticism and shame, numbing/avoidance, people pleasing, uncontrollable anger, excessive worry, difficulties with control, substance use, self-injury, or thoughts of suicide. 

 She believes in using curiosity and compassion to understand the origins of these patterns and to develop new, more effective, ways to meet our own needs. In doing so, we can start to heal past hurts and move forward into the life we want to be living.

Outside of work, Erin loves to read, cook, and work on puzzles. She is a fan of critters of all shapes and sizes and will always be interested in seeing photos of yours.

Jane Flindall, MSW, RSW

Jane is a registered social worker and has obtained her Masters of Social work. She has training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Basic Principles of DBT, Birth and Reproductive Trauma, and Perinatal Grief and Loss. She has worked in the hospital setting as a former Registered Midwife for 7 years.

 She believes that compassion, empathy, and understanding are the most essential components of a therapeutic relationship. She has experience with adults living with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. In addition, she provides psychotherapy for perinatal mental health and that includes the prenatal period and up to two years postpartum. 

 Jane is a strong advocate for the need for education and awareness about mental health and reduction of stigma. She believes that change is supported by a strengths-based approach combined with uncovering individual values and core beliefs. 

 Jane and her family live in Wasaga Beach and love the active outdoor lifestyle that the Georgian Bay area offers. She is a huge animal lover and has a husky and 3 cats. She is passionate about traveling, has lived in several countries, and has done maternal infant health work internationally.


Lori Lanktree, MSW, RSW

Lori is a registered Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.  Lori has training in a variety of frameworks including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. She has extensive experience working with adolescents struggling with emotion dysregulation, depression and or anxiety. Lori also has experience and training in helping clients heal and process trauma, one of these trainings being through the Attachment and Trauma Healing Centre in Niagara.  She includes in her treatment a focus on the mind and body, and the connection between the two while caring for and improving our mental health.  

 Lori’s goal while working in the counselling role is to develop a collaborative and positive relationship that respects the client’s needs, goals and sense of self.  She understands that attending counselling initially can be anxiety provoking. As a result, Lori focuses on getting to know her clients and focuses on developing a trusting relationship.  Lori is LGBTQIA+ friendly, has a holistic approach, and values kindness, compassion, diversity, and anti-racism.

 Lori is a mother to three children, two of whom are teenagers. She loves pets including her dog and two cats. Lori loves to spend time outdoors and with her children and friends. She enjoys being active by jogging, yoga or hiking with her dog.  


Helen Rudin (Client Care Coordinator)

Helen earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and has many years experience working in an administrative role at a large primary care mental health centre. She has found that the interactions she experienced with clients have been the most personally rewarding aspects of her role. Helen’s experiences within a mental health setting have inspired her to work towards a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Helen is a formally trained ceramic artist/potter. She is an avid reader, travel lover, pug owner, and butter tart eater. She is the Mum of teenage twins.