Family Conflict Counselling

Sometimes conflict becomes the only way a family can communicate with each other. And it feels terrible. Our emotions, when we are immersed in conflict, are constantly activated, the relationships that we value the most seem fractured and tense, and everyone seems to be constantly arguing. 

Family, and that can be seen as including many people, should be a place of emotional safety. When the family system, how each person functions with everyone else in the family, is out of balance it can cause individual mental health problems, family distress and conflict.

Our family therapists have extensive experience and training to work with families. They would develop an assessment of the family functioning that could draw from a number of theories and frameworks. Family therapy is a very effective approach as it can mobilize the resources of the family against the problem.

Family Therapy works! Family therapy is an excellent approach for families that are experiencing conflict. The therapist would work slowly, building safety, and opening space for new forms of communication.

Families adapt to the roles and functions of each person. In families there are times when inadequate emotional boundaries create role confusion or conflict. Sometimes roles are transferred or assumed, such as assigning children responsibilities that should normally fall to a parent. Sometimes the family “system” is out of balance, such as when a family problem becomes assigned to one person. These are all situations that would benefit from family therapy.


Is family therapy effective?

Working with a trained, skilled and experienced therapist, is a very effective way of resolving problems within a family. Family therapy looks at families as systems, examines structure, examines intensity of the emotional connection, notices unhelpful thinking and behaviours and helps the family change negative patterns of interaction. It helps family members develop other ways of connecting, rather than through open conflict, and establishes positive forms of communication again.

How many sessions would be required?

Your therapist would work collaboratively with you and your family to reach a common understanding of the problem, and to set treatment goals. Sometimes, with a family working together, much can be accomplished in one or two sessions.

When should I think of family therapy?

Common requests for family therapy: when adult children are in conflict with their parents, or a sibling; when a family is trying to reconnect with cut off members of the family; when there is a family culture that is defined by conflict and intense emotion, such as a family with teen children; with families with younger children, who are too young for talk therapy themselves, then family therapy can begin to observe parenting styles, strength of the parenting team, stress from external forces such as grandparents, and mental health/substance use, for example.

Who can be included in family therapy?

A family has been traditionally defined as a kinship group, connected intergenerationally. A more contemporary definition is more flexible than that and can include friends, neighbours, previous partners or partner’s families, mentors, coaches etc.

How to become a client

To send a confidential message, please fill out our contact form or email us directly at Our administrative support team will contact you within one business day. Once we have assessed what your needs are we will connect you with a therapist that, we believe, is aligned with what you are looking for.